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Sharing Spiritual gifts for the Kingdom: "if we endure, we will also reign with him" (2Tim 2:12).
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About Kingdom Feast

Kingdom Feast is a group of people working together to support a concept. It is not a corporation, denomination or organization. The concept is the use of the biblical Feast of tabernacles to draw Christian together to share experiences and encourage one another to be ready to reign with Christ. We are doing this because we believe God is directing us to do it, and He will bring people he chooses to our ads, websites etc. This is not an effort to start a new denomination or trans-denominational organization.

Kingdom Feast 2015 Sponsors

Several Christian brethren are working together as sponsors for this Feast. Some of us have known each other many years, others just a few years. We are using our own personal resources to pay for the facilities rental, food, equipment, teaching professionals, etc. The expenses for this year are expected to be between $15,000 and $25,000. Some of us are giving certain amounts as offerings. Others are lending money for advance expenses, which will be reimbursed by offerings from participants. We are trusting that God will bring sufficient offerings from participants—else we realize we will be responsible for covering the expense.

Brief biographies of the sponsors thus far:

Norman Edwards has worked full-time in various non-denominational ministries since 1995, living by the offerings of many other people. Since that time, he has served in come capacity every year at a non-denominational Feast site, and as the site coordinator for 13 of those years. He has written hundreds of Bible-based articles for several publications. During the last five years, he and his wife have run the Port Austin Bible Campus ministry to homeless people in Port Austin, Michigan—providing over 31,000 bed-nights of housing to 138 men, 107 women and 82 children. They have been married for 32 years and have four Christian children and four grandchildren.

Joshua Edwards is a worship leader, singer, song-writer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. He is experienced and sucessful at working with seasoned professionals, small children and almost everything in between. He has been a music coordinator at many Feasts of Tabernacles and other Christian events.

Anonymous Sponsors. Some sponsors would rather not be identified. They want to help, they do not have some private agenda, but they have good reasons for not wanting their names here. Nevertheless, we are very thankful for their help.

You may give offerings to this Feast

Offerings to fund this event are accepted. This is an all-volunteer mission. There are no salaries or bonuses paid to its sponsors. Some professional staff and teachers will be hired for specific events. Checks or money orders may be made out to “Church Bible Teaching Ministry’ with “Kingdom Feast” in the “memo” line. You may also send offerings via PayPal, which will also accept credit cards:

Click this PayPal button to use this service to make your offering using either your PayPal account or any suitable credit card. Check for details.

All funds received in the above manners will be used for this Feast.

Please note that neither “Kingdom Feast” nor “Church Bible Teaching Ministry” are corporations nor have they applied for recognition under IRS section 501(c)(3). (See our non-denominational purpose.) Nevertheless, this IRS web page explains the tax exemption of “Churches, Integrated Auxiliaries,...” etc.:,-Integrated-Auxiliaries,-and-Conventions-or-Associations-of-Churches. In our experience, many people have taken tax deductions to our ministries without any difficulties. We annually mail out receipts for offerings received. For those who attend the Feast, their receipt will note the value of goods and services received according to the Suggested Offering Table.

Contact Information

For more information, e-mail or contact:

  • Norman Edwards, Feast Coordinator
    PO Box 204              
    Port Austin, Michigan 48467

  • Rebecca M. Shull, MSA, CPA: Accountant
    234-788-4891, fax: 330-208-0686

  • (soon to be announced), Food Coordinator

  • (soon to be announced), Housing Coordinator

  • Josh EdwardsMusic Coordinator
  • (to be announced), Tabernacle Builder

  • (to be announced), Youth Activities Coordinator

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