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What Do I Think I should Drink?

There are all kinds of drinks available to us today. Where do they come from? Which are good for us and which are not?

  1. Natural Water
    1. Cleans out our bodies
    2. Provides minerals
    3. Can grow bacteria if one is not careful
    4. Can be cheaply produced form city water with a good filter
  2. Distilled Water
    1. Provides better cleaning for some people
    2. Can remove minerals from some people
  3. City/County Water
    1. Contains chlorine-a weak poison
    2. Some contains fluorides, supposedly to help teeth, but many other harmful effects
    3. Some contains industrial pollutants of varying troubles
    4. Nevertheless, most people will still benefit greatly from several glasses of water per day.
    5. Can be obtained free of cost nearly everywhere.
  4. Milk
    1. God obviously designed this for babies
    2. Cows, goats, etc obviously give more than their babies need
    3. Provides a broad spectrum of nutrition needed for a healthy life
    4. Is much better for you fresh & un-pasteurized
    5. A very few problems have occurred with spoiled raw milk, so it is illegal in many places.
    6. Can be available through cow-sharing, or by having one's own animals
  5. Juice
    1. Can be made from a great variety of fruits and vegetables that God made for our health
    2. Provides a great variety of nutrients
    3. Is better fresh, but still have value when canned or frozen
  6. Tea & Coffee
    1. Drinks made from "herbs" can provide nutrition an healing
    2. Some provide mostly caffeine-helpful in small quantities, but not in large amounts
  7. Wine
    1. A natural process made by the yeasts that grow on grapes-all they need is crushing
    2. Natural wine is very anti-bacterial, can be used for wounds or to purify water
    3. Can last many years without refrigeration
    4. Makes one feel better, can be used as a mild anesthetic
  8. Beer
    1. Fermented grain that provides a lot of nutrition when brewed naturally
    2. Can last years without refrigeration in barrels.
  9. Hard liquor
    1. Distilled fermented drinks to increase the alcohol content
    2. Very little nutritional value
    3. Can be made to taste good, especially when mixed with other things
    4. Designed principally to produce intoxication more quickly
    5. Reduces suffering and allows sleep for people in great pain (Proverbs 31:6)
  10. Soft Drinks
    1. Designed to taste good and be addicting
    2. Designed to cost little to produce, but patented so high prices can be charged
    3. No effort to provide any nutrition—a continual fight as to how harmful they are
    4. Billions of dollars spent on advertising so people will buy softe drinks--more than all of the other drinks put together.

So what do you think you should drink? Do you drink what is good for you or what somebody tells you to drink? Who runs your life?