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Less Common Teachings

These are teachings that are less commonly found among mainstream Christianity, but increasingly found among independent Bible-based organizations. They are true, to the best of our understanding, but we are always learning and have made changes when we realize we have made mistakes. Please send questions and comments to

We encourage everyone to study from a multitude of biblical sources. We ask that you be patient with us and read the Scriptures we have used to produce these teachings. We will make every effort to be patient with you and respectfully treat you as a brother or sister in Christ, even though we have differences. God simply works with each believer differently.

We realize that some of these teachings may also be taught in Christian cult-like groups—groups that teach that their organization is only “true church” or the best church. There is a reason for that. Cult-like groups want doctrine that distinguishes them from the other groups, and doctrines found in the Bible are actually easier to defend than ones that are not. On the other hand, these cult-like groups often mix in unbiblical doctrines with their biblical ones, especially prophetic interpretations that overstate the importance of their group and its leaders.

Therefore, we encourage everyone—but especially those with the gifts of knowledge, teaching and exhortation—to study the scriptures a doctrine at a time and pray about them, accepting only what God confirms to you. We also realize that many believers have other gifts of service and may simply not be led to study these things extensively. Even so, God's word is good and we all need this verse:

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen (2 Peter 3:18, ESV).

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About the Author

Picture of Norman Edwards, about 2009

Norman Edwards is the author of all these pages and articles--unless otherwise noted. He has been a life-long Bible student, teacher and author and is now in his 60s. His career, in round numbers is:

The purpose of this site is to encourage everyone everywhere to study and better understand the Bible. Norman has not been a member of any religious denomination or sect since 1995. He does not study to confirm what he or a church group already believes. He reads the Bible, does research and writes what he understands through prayer and the Holy Spirit. Research usually consists of looking for other related scriptures, but also includes the meaning of Hebrew and Greek words and the historical context in which the Scriptures were written.

Yet he also believes that "iron sharpens iron" (Proverbs 27:17) and welcomes corrections and comments about his writing. The peer review of fellow believers has caused him to change his teaching on some subjects.

While Norman has written many hundreds of articles and it will be some years before they are all added to this site. He realizes he will not be able to study every subject of interest before he dies. He realizes this website needs improved organization and new software for a more modern look.

But the purpose of life has never been about doctrinal or technical perfection. It is about learning to love God with all are hearts and to love our neighbor as ourself (Matthew 22:36-40). God gives knowledge and many other spiritual gifts which we should use to His glory (1 Corinthians 12 - 14). But the greatest of these is love! (1 Corinthians 13:13).

This writer encourages Christians everywhere to:

God is very interested in answering prayers about these subjects. He will show you what to do. Be peaceful and gentle with others who are not as gifted or able as you—even with Christians who are clearly in error. God gave us time to bring us to where we are now, and we all still have more to learn!

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